TUBA  Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation

Traditional augmentation techniques used for placing breast implants behind the breast or chest muscle include incisions made in the fold under the breast (inframammary approach), under the nipple (infraareolar approach), or in the armpit (axillary approach).  The TUBA procedure, however, is specifically designed for use with saline-filled implants and involves a single, small incision located in the navel.  Through this incision, an instrument is passed beneath the skin to a location behind the breast tissue or behind the muscle and the position is checked with an endoscope.  A tissue expander is inserted through this tunnel and inflated with air through a long fill tube connected to the expander.  As the expander inflates, it creates a pocket above or below the muscle.  When the pocket has been developed, the expander is removed and replaced with a breast implant which is then inflated with sterile saline to the appropriate size.
When the final volume is reached, the fill tube to the implant is removed and the incision is closed with a few stitches.
Advantages of the TUBA procedure over more traditional approaches include:
1.  A single small scar is produced in a remove location(inside the naval) from the breast.
2.  The entire procedure takes only 30-45 minutes to perform, which means generally faster recovery and lower surgery cost to patient.
3.  There is little tissue trauma and virtually no bleeding due to the minimal amount of cutting required.  This also contributes to a shorter recovery period.
5.  There is minimal interruption to normal breast tissue.
6.  Implants can be placed above or below the chest muscle.
7.  Saline breast implants have never been recalled or linked to cancer.

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Dr. Pound performs the TUBA and many other procedures under general anesthesia at accredited surgery centers only.  Dr. Pound is currently on staff at Northside Hospital Atlanta, Northside Breast Care Center Atlanta, Northside Cherokee, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta Outpatient Surgery Center, Fannin Regional Hospital, and Union General Hospital.